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Clay Culture: The Innovative Human

October 2018

This review, written by Tara Daley, beautifully recounts her experience at Unsmoke Systems Artspace in Braddock, PA and delivers perspective on the exhibition, Anthropocene: The Innovative Human. Grateful that NCECA chose this show for 2018 in Pittsburgh, and lucky to have a space and artists which has initiated future projects and thoughtful discourse.


Elastic Past: Visual Interpretations of Life's Early Lessons

August 2013

Bob Durdan, Senior Curator at the Yellowstone Arts Museum, writes with color and ease. This catalog beautifully expresses the work in an exhibition held at the YAM in 2013. I am proud to have been invited, and cherish his perspectives on my work.

Missoula Art Museum Contemporary Ceramics in Montana: Persistence in Clay

June 2, 2011

Catalogue for traveling exhibition.


Clay Montana: Art in Place - Shanna Fliegel-Interview


This interview is part of a series of films about the Montana clay community. It was funded in-part by a Big Sky Grant from the Montana Film Office.